Allen Kepler

Allen Kepler

Research Consultation

Competitive Market Evaluation:
Research and analyze competitors in your market and create strategies increase your brand awareness and position in marketplace.

Strategy & Data Analysis:
Translation and interpretation of research data with a detailed implementation plan.

Strategic study set-up and advice and implementation:
Set-up of questionnaire, oversight of implementation of the study, and detailed analysis of data along with follow-up action plan.

Onsite and online Focus groups / One-on-Ones:
Consultation on use of electronically collected 'dial' data via in-person groups or online. Focus Groups and One-on-One interviews conducted with your audience. Moderation of outbound recruited groups.

Music test set-up, advice and implementation:
Start to finish assistance with questionnaire set-up, recruitment specifications, content / music and perceptual questions. Detailed implementation / action plan post study. Moderate station database listener advisory panels.